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Music and merch from Taryn Southern's debut album "On My Face."

Taryn Southern

"On My Face" - The Album


Buy "On My Face" - The Album. 13 TRACKS: Bad Sex, Internet Stalker, Welcome to Hollywood, I Think I Farted, Just Google That Shit, Coffee Makes Me Poo, Keep It In Your Pants, Shave Your Ballsack, Wrong Hole: The Untold Story, Where Is My Goat, and more. Album Reviews: "I will not be buying this album."  - Taryn's mom "Friends? No. She came to my house once, uninvited. Stole all my ninja turtles." - Jason Kennedy, Host of E! News and The Today Show "She has one thing right - coffee does make you poo." - Tim Ferriss, Author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller, The 4-Hour Body "A blasphemy to pop music, and that's not saying much."  - Brian Tyler, Award-Winning Film and Television Composer "Taryn's message to women is clear - live, love, and don't be afraid to let one rip." - Jaime King, Actress/Writer/Philanthropist "When her restraining order is up, maybe I'll give it a listen."  - Kevin Pereira, Host/Producer and Creator of G4's Attack of the Show "Amazing what auto-tune can do." - Dave Days, Top YouTube Musician "Oh shit, I'm in the weird part of YouTube again." - Comment on Taryn's YouTube page

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